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Easter in Bordeaux

Happy Easter to all Christians!

Here is a video from an Easter celebration I attended at the St. Andre Cathedral in downtown Bordeaux, France. The way things are going on in Europe, it will be more and more difficult to celebrate the Christian hol…


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Toronto Rally in Support of Christians and Religious Minorities in the Middle East



Earlier today Raheel Raza’s organization Muslims Facing Tomorrow held a rally near the parliament building at Queen’s Park. The reason for the event was to support the plight of the Christians and the other religious minoritie…

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Day of Mourning for Christians Slaughtered in Muslim Countries – September 13


A Day of Mourning

Pray for Christians Being Slaughtered, Raped or Sold by ISIS, Boko-Haram, and other terrorists.

Before God, we will mourn the death of the innocent men, women and children. We will cry out to the Lord in prayer for H…

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Nanaimo Homosexual Bullies Trash Christians

It is not easy to deal with the homosexual totalitarianism. Right now Toronto is in the middle of a “worldpride” tornado, which requires everybody to worship that lifestyle. If you bought a weekly metropass last Monday, you got a homosexually-the…

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