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Eric Brazau Protests the Islamists Bias of the CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s government-subsidized news provider, was founded as a tool to unite Canadians by sharing the news about events happening in the vast country. Today, that function of the CBC is a distant memory. It se…


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Communists and Islamists Team Up for a Violent Rally in Toronto


Hysterical masked thugs yelling “Fascists!” “Racists!” “Nazi scum!” and other verbal abuse at people holding signs in defense of free speech… “Anti-fascists” physically attacking journalists and other people they don’t a…

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Why Manitoba Islamists Attacked the Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall

Will Justin Trudeau charge the Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall with spreading “Islamophobia”?

That’s not that far-fetched guess. Mr. Wall has brought on himself the ire of the Canadian Islamists, the main power base of the empty-headed Trudea…

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